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AISI 4145H Mod Stabilizer

Detailed description:


Tianhe Integral Blade Stabilizers are a helpful tool that prevents different sticking of the drill string by stabilizing the BHA and keeping both drill collars and drill pipe away from the borehole wall.

Tianhe 4145H mod IBS Integral Blade Stabilizers can be placed in tthe drill string or near the bit which are manufactured from one solid bar of AIS14145H modifed steel. Porfessional heat-treatment process gurantees the mechanical strengths meet the requirments of API SPEC7-1. Hardness of 2785-341HB can be assured both 1” beneath the outer surface and 4 quadrant acrosss the neck OD.

Tianhe 4145H mod IBS Integral Blade Stabilizers are avaiable with 3 or 4 standard blades and come in two options “Spiral Integral Blade Stabilizer and Straight Integral Blade Stabilizer”

See below for available sizes and technical details of Spiral Blade Stabilizer:



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